The goal of the Friends of UNIFAT is to support peace and understanding in northern Uganda, through:

  • Providing resources and material support for UNIFAT school in Gulu;
  • Supporting UNIFAT’s peace-building work in the region;
  • educating people in the United States about the conflict in northern Uganda and the potential for peace and understanding; and
  • Providing opportunities to people in this country for partnerships with the UNIFAT community.


We can all be part of this story. There is more love than money at UNIFAT, and there are many ways to help.

  1. Share the UNIFAT story with your friends.
  2. Learn about northern Uganda.
  3. Raise money in your school, congregation or social group
    • adopt a student ($300/year)
    • provide text books for one class of eighty students ($400)
    • adopt a teacher ($83/month).
  4. Ask your birthday guests to contribute to UNIFAT instead of giving gifts.
  5. Explore a pen-pal project.
  6. Make a donation to Friends of UNIFAT. You can:


Send a check
Make your check out to
Friends of UNIFAT at
1 Union Ave., Box 1082
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
Donate online
You do not need to register for a PayPal account.




Your gift is a tax-deductible charitable donation. Friends of UNIFAT is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.


We all have a role to play in healing the world. In reflecting on her life, Abitimo says,

Looking back, I understand that my call was to create this school and to care for orphans. I had not intended to open my home to needy children. I didn’t plan for this. Yet after doing all these things–the school is going on, the orphans are with me–I felt that this was what I had been called to do. There is no doubt in my mind and no interest or need to do something else. We are all given different calls. Sometimes you will have to wait until it is given to you–but then you will know.