Articles and Stories

  • Read Abitimo Odongkara’s Story – The story of how a woman focused on revenge found a different path in service of her country.
  • Listening from the Heart; Witness in Northern Uganda – Reflections war and colonialism, trauma-healing, ethnicity, education, sustainability and more, from a trip to Uganda and UNIFAT school in 2008.
  • Telling Our Stories – short travel journal of trip to Uganda
  • Forgiveness: Giving up all hope for a better pastAbout Uganda
  • About Uganda
  • Extended Uganda background and news – Links to background, history and current events of Northern Uganda. [link will open in new window]UNIFAT Videos
  • Friends of UNIFAT video – A 24-minute video with background on Northern Uganda and UNIFAT, with students, teachers, staff and board talking about the impact of the school on individual and community life.

UNIFAT Slideshows

  • Students and the school
  • UNIFAT School facilities
  • Environment around the school
  • Effects of the war
  • Gulu (the area around the school)