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Ways we support UNIFAT School


Education is a gift in northern Uganda -- sadly not all children are able to attend school even though the cost is minimal. Because many households have absorbed war and AIDS orphans, often they cannot afford to send them all to school. UNIFAT responds to financial hardship as it is able, and Friends pitch in where we can.
    Ways you can help
  • Student sponsorship -- currently 150 orphaned children receive assistance.
  • Tuition assistance -- many struggling families could use a partner.
  • Secondary school -- programs to help students earn money for secondary or vocational schools are being developed.


The staff at UNIFAT operates on less than a shoe string. Teachers' salaries are just $80 a month, yet it's often a struggle to meet that meager payroll. Donations from Friends have helped keep the school functioning, and our goal is to provide the school with additional benefits.
    Ways you can help
  • Support a school nurse salary and medical supplies.
  • Support positions for mentors of orphaned children.


Although the teachers make the best of squeezing 80-90 students into a class, the atmosphere for learning is challenged. Friends' goal is to reduce class size and provide employment for more teachers by building additional classrooms. We recently constructed a building with eight new classrooms. Even though the rooms are incomplete, they have been filled with happy children.
    Ways you can help
  • Doors and windows need to be installed and the walls need to be finished.
  • Door and windows need to be added to older classroom buildings
  • A school vehicle would increase transportation options -- as for now all staff, teachers and students walk or ride bicycles.

Clean Water

From its inception, UNIFAT's only water source has been a cistern that collects rain water. To provide clean, safe and consistent water, our first goal was to drill a well on the grounds of the school. This project has come to fruition because of the generous donations of Friends.
    Ways you can help
  • Funds are needed to construct sanitary bathrooms that include hand-washing facilities.


Although the children at UNIFAT are creative at entertaining themselves, the teachers note that they lack materials. If you can imagine a kindergarten without toys, you can imagine a UNIFAT classroom. In the older grades, as many as five students may share one tattered textbook.
    Ways you can help
  • Support the construction of playground equipment.
  • Donate for classroom learning materials and toys.
  • Donate for additional textbooks and other school supplies.

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