From its original home under a tree in 1985, UNIFAT school now has its campus in Gulu town, serving over 1300 children from nursery to P-7, or roughly 7th grade. Universal primary education has recently been mandated in Uganda, but there are big gaps. Some people are unable to afford even the modest costs of uniforms and books, and the quality of public education is low. UNIFAT plays a critical role, providing generous scholarships, low tuition, and a high standard of education. Over 300 students are HIV-AIDS or civil war orphans, at the school on scholarship.

Despite civil war and child abductions, hunger, poverty, AIDS and an outbreak of ebola, the school has maintained high standards of learning. The children eager to learn; the teachers qualified and committed, and the school has built a reputation of excellence throughout the country.

Many people are concerned about the need to reintroduce good structure, respect and kindness in the lives of our children. The purpose of the UNIFAT school is to be a place where teachers and students can teach and learn and interact with respect, love and understanding for one another, where we can help each other understand the purpose of our lives together.

UNIFAT is an important local institution, providing employment not only to its 41 teachers, but to administrative, cooking and cleaning staff, and a full-time carpenter and tailor. It has a dedicated parent/teacher association, board, and school management committee. They all work hard, with very limited material resources, dreaming of how they might do even more:

  • assistance for more orphans
  • enough text books to go around
  • a separate and more appropriate space for the littlest children
  • a well for clean water, and generators for reliable energy
  • windows and doors for the classrooms
  • a high school, or scholarships for those going on
  • a counseling and trauma healing center for the larger community.

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