Whether you are an educator, youth leader, parent, or are just curious about and possibly interested in sharing your skills – and recruiting friends to work with you – we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and explore areas where your interests and the needs of UNIFAT coincide. 

In addition to financial contributions, over the past two decades many groups of school-age youth have visited the school, participated in on-site projects ranging from sports to painting to assisting in health screenings, and especially learned about life in northern Uganda through visits with families and touring the countryside. Getting to Gulu is neither quick nor inexpensive. However, Ugandans are very welcoming people, and living and touring is both affordable and great fun.

Each member of the FOU Board brings different skills and experiences, and we will direct your inquiries to whomever is most appropriate.

Thank you,

Friends of UNIFAT Board Members

  1. Patrick Odongkara, co-Chair
  2. Chuck Esser, co-Chair
  3. Aaron Odongkara
  4. Chioma Azi
  5. Denis Okema
  6. Gertrude Noden
  7. Jeremy Isard
  8. Norah Anena
  9. Pamela Haines
  10. Marcy Morgan
  11. Sam Odongkara
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