Get Involved

FOU is committed to honoring the legacy of Abitimo by providing UNIFAT students and teachers the support and resources necessary to expand the educational opportunities and develop skills required in today’s society.

Ways YOU can help

Direct contributions to Friends of UNIFAT are of course very appreciated. For example, $300 covers a student’s tuition for a full year. And, money begets money. In 2020-21, $9,000 we received from donors was key to obtaining $12,000 in awards from granting agencies that enabled UNIFAT to build and equip the Digital Learning Center and install solar power.

Several of our donors take advantage of resources such as Amazon smile and employer matching programs that stretch their contributions further.

Equally important: get personally involved. Share the story of UNIFAT Primary School with your friends, family and colleagues. Reach out to teachers, many of whom already incorporate outreach projects in their curricula. Invite them to consider having their students learn about the culture and school life of their peers in Uganda and design fund-raising projects. When classes are in session, we can arrange peer-to-peer meetings with UNIFAT teachers and students using ZOOM or comparable electronic platforms.

FOU’s fund-raising priorities

  • increase financial assistance for the students
  • assure teachers’ salaries comparable to other schools
  • build a separate, more appropriate space for the littlest children
  • add beds to accommodate boarding students
  • build an assembly hall for student activities and community events
  • expand resources to support student-driven community outreach projects
UNIFAT students under a tree
We can all be part of this story. There is more love than money at UNIFAT, and there are many ways to help.

  1. Share the UNIFAT story with your friends.
  2. Learn about northern Uganda.
  3. Raise money in your school, congregation or social group
      • adopt a student ($300 full year tuition; $525 for boarding students)
      • provide textbooks and supplies for students in one grade ($400)
      • support a teacher ($83/month).
  4. Ask your birthday, party, or wedding guests to contribute to UNIFAT instead of bringing gifts.
  5. Start a pen-pal project with UNIFAT students; expand this to include ZOOM meetings.
  6. Make a donation to Friends of UNIFAT. You can:
Send a check
Make your check out to
Friends of UNIFAT at

919 S. Farragut Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19143

Donate online
You do not need to register for a PayPal account.

Your gift is a tax-deductible charitable donation. Friends of UNIFAT is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.