Bringing solar power to the UNIFAT Primary School.

Electric power is unreliable in Gulu, often out of service for several days each week. Research has shown that this reduces learning in schools, especially when electronic resources become unavailable. To overcome this, FOU, Words Into Deeds, and Ithaca Rotary jointly raised over $16,000 and partnered with an NPO called All We Are in Raleigh, NC. This NPO works with the Best Engineering Company in Kampala, Uganda, and together they have already installed almost 40 solar systems in schools and villages.  A committee composed of UNIFAT staff and parents formulated a “wish list” and then met on-site with the engineers to align their wish list with the practicalities of installation and cost.  Installation and testing required a week to complete, and on Saturday, July 17, 2021, staff, local and international friends, community leaders and members of the press gathered to witness and celebrate harnessing the sun to power the computers and many new LED lights at UNIFAT. It was a joyful occasion, especially as it will provide expanded educational opportunities for teachers and students.